• Learning Log

    This is a detailed log book for my course The Art of Photography with the OCA. Alongside there will be other posts for other photgraphy projects I undertake.
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Project 30 – Colour Control

Find a strong, definite colour and fill the frame with the colour. Find the average exposure setting, the one your camera’s meter recommends. Take a sequence of 5 photos from one stop over this average exposure to one stop under, in increments of half a stop. I photographed a bright red jumper.  The light was … Continue reading

Project 29 – Incorporating what you have learned so far

The idea behind this project is to incorporate what we have learned so far into a set of 10 or more photographs directed towards one type of subject. Produce at least 10 photographs, all of a similar subject, which between them will show the following effects: 1. single point dominating the composition 2. 2 points … Continue reading

Project 28 – Rhythm and pattern

Produce at least 2 photographs  with 1 showing rhythm and one showing pattern. I really liked the collection of the shellfish and the pattern that they made.  I tried to crop on so that the edges of the subject pattern weren’t seen but I think it would have been more striking had I taken the … Continue reading

Project 27 – Real and implied circles

Produce 4 photographs organised around circles.  You can include real circles but try to include at least 2 circular arrangements that are implied. I began with looking for real circles which are relatively easy to find, although it’s harder to find ones that will translate into interesting images. Then I began to look for implied … Continue reading

Project 26 – Real and Implied Triangles

Produce two sets of triangular compositions in photographs – one using ‘real’ triangles the other making ‘implied’ triangles Part 1 – Real 1.  A triangular subject 2. Make a triangle by perspective, converging towards the top of the frame 3. Make an inverted triangle by perspective converging towards the bottom of the frame Part 2 … Continue reading

Project 25 – Rectangles

Produce 3 photographs of different subjects that contain prominent rectangles – making sure they stay rectangular in shape through the viewfinder. Keeping things as rectangles requires being directly in front of the subject otherwise it becomes skewed. Windows make a good rectangular subject and I thought this was particularly interesting as the shaped is stressed … Continue reading

Project 23 – Implied Lines

Part 1 – Use project images and sketch implied lines in each.  Finally take 3 of your own photographs and perform the same analysis. Part 2 – Take 2 photographs that use the following kinds of implied lines to lead the eye: 1. An eye line 2. The extension of a line or lines that … Continue reading

Project 22 – Curves

This project requires curves to be used as the main design element of the images taken. I found when looking for photos of curves that I found architechturafeatures really lent themselves to curvy photographs.  The curves lead your eye through the photgraph and give a great sense of movement in the images.

Project 21 – Diagonals

As the last project but look for diagonal lines and take 4 photographs.  Many of these are be created using perspective and viewpoint as there are less’ real’ diagonals available. In my first image it is the shadows of a vertical fence that provide the perfect opportunity for an image of diagonals using just the … Continue reading

Project 20 – Horizontal and vertical lines

The idea behind this project was to find specific examples of horizontal and vertical lines producing 4 examples of each. Horizontal My first horizontal image, of some old jettys in New York,  I looked at in both colour and b&w.  I had initially thought that b&w would break make it easier to see the horizontal … Continue reading